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Frank Gore working out in Miami right now but expected back with Colts next week

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It is not uncommon for Frank Gore to work out on his own in Miami during the offseason.

The offseason workout program is voluntary, after all, including the OTAs that began earlier this week. So Gore being absent from the Colts during this period isn’t necessarily cause for concern, but it still bears asking about. So, when the media didn’t see him out at practice on Tuesday, Chuck Pagano was asked about it.

“Frank is down in Miami, he’s got some family stuff down there,” Pagano said. “Frank is always working out, it doesn’t matter. I think he took two days off after the season this year so I’m not worried about that. But he’s dealing with some family stuff and should be back hopefully next week.”

From the sound of that, it doesn’t seem like Gore’s absence this week is really about him choosing to work out there instead of in Indy but rather him having some family matters to attend to this week. But it is confirmation that Gore is working out in Miami, at least this week.

There shouldn’t be any concern about Gore, however. These workouts are voluntary, and furthermore there aren’t many players who work harder and care more than Gore. He is incredibly competitive and motivated to win football games, and he puts in the work during the offseason to do whatever he can to help the team reach those goals. So of all players to be worried about missing OTAs, Frank Gore is probably near the bottom of the list.

Even still, it would be nice if he was in town, and it sounds like he is expected to be back next week for the Colts and will then be able to participate in the remaining OTA practices before the mandatory mini-camp in mid-June. Hopefully everything is alright with his family, and hopefully he’ll be back with the Colts soon. But even if he isn’t, fans can be assured that Gore will be working hard and will be ready to go when it matters.