Why I'm an Indianapolis Colts Fan?

Born in Indianapolis?...check (St. Francis Hospital 1977)

Raised in Indianapolis?...check(Devington 46th and Arlington)

Educated in Indianapolis?...check(Northwest High School, IUPUI, IU Graduate School)

I am Indianapolis. As a fan, It did not start that way though. Those of us who watch the NFL in the 80's from our homes in Indy should remember that it was the CHICAGO BEARS that grabbed our attention. Those teams were classic. Payton, The Fridge, Singletary, Ditka and the NFL on CBS made this era the golden years of pro football. The Colts had little success in the 80's and TV blackouts were frequent on local TV. They were in their infancy regarding their relationship to the city and so was the development of Downtown Indy at the time.

But something happened in the mid-90's. That something as we all know was Manning, Dungy and Polian. The team found success and so did the city of Indianapolis. It is not a coincidence that during these winning years, the downtown saw developmental growth, such as Circle Centre, The Bank One Tower, Centralization of IUPUI, the Zoo and White River. Let us not forget about Lucas Oil and JW Marriot that joined us in the 2000's. The Cherry on Top came as a Super Bowl host in 2012. This made me proud to represent the city.

Ironically, I became a true fan when I moved from Indy to Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. The team was my connection to my home. They were great and an offensive powerhouse, but then came the 2005 AFC Divisional Playoff game (Colts vs Pittsburgh-January 15, 2006) This game gave me so much heartache......this is when I found out I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan. In my opinion that loss was worse than any New England or San Diego Charger Playoff loss to date and will always be the turning point of the team's playoff fortune.

So now you see why I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan and although I live in Vegas I still represent.

Naptown, NAP, The Nappy City....the Areas: Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Irvington, Mass Ave. Shout out to Bazbeaux Pizza, The Kountry Kitchen, The Donut Shop on Keystone!!!

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