Why I'm a fan of the Colts

I started playing flag football at four years old, a year early in my local youth league, but the coaches noticed the little brother of one of the players running around the field every practice and decided to give me a chance to start a year too soon. The team that took a chance on me found out quickly that I could run around more than just fields. I was a fast little kid! My team went on to win the flag football championship with me at quarterback and we won a trip to the RCA Dome to watch the Colts for the first time. Up until then I was only a college football fan since my dad didn't watch a lot of pro sports. He came from Columbus where there is no NFL team but the Ohio State Buckeyes rule the college world. The Buckeyes were pretty much the only football team I liked until I got to go see the Colts that day. I think it was Marshall Faulk's rookie season, but he was already absolutely dynamic and the best player my young eyes had ever seen. Maybe it was the fact that I was there in person to watch him, but I was in absolute awe. I went home and asked for a Marshall Faulk jersey for Christmas and about a month or so later that's what I got. Eventually Faulk left the Colts but by then I was a fan of just about every player on the team and changing my loyalties was out of the question. Since Faulk I have bought jerseys with the names Harbaugh, Manning, Harrison, Freeney, Wayne, Sanders, Luck and Hilton. No matter how low or how high this team goes, no matter what type of adversity this team goes through, the Indianapolis Colts are the team I claim above all teams in any sport. Let's have another great season for the shoe!

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