Why I AM a Colts' fan...

Because the Patsies are cheatin' douchebags.

The Broncos gravy-trained on Peyton.

The Ravens are from VD-riddled Baltimore.

The Steelers have a sexual-assault-ist (allegedly) as a QB.

The Dolphins are cruel to sea mammals.

The Raiders' fans are rejects from a Mad Max movie.

The Chargers screwed-over their fans.

The Rams screwed-over their fans.

The Chiefs fold in the playoffs like Origami.

The Browns just suck.

The Bills just suck.

The Bengals just suck.

The Jags just suck.

The Titans shoulda' been named the Nashville PB -n- Fried 'Nanners.

The Texans' fans are so obnoxious, even Steelers' fans think they're over the top.

The whole NFC is made up of fans that either love the Cowboys, or hate the Cowboys.

The Cowboys haven't been relevant since Troy Aikman was collecting concusions.

So, screw the NFC.

That leaves me rooting for the Colts. A team that I've loved since they slid into the Indy west side all those many snowy nights ago.

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