Why I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan

Colts fan from England here. I first got in football in 2011 through playing Madden with my other football following friends. Didn't know much about the game but I sure enjoyed flinging the ball about with Peyton! Having watched hours of colts highlights after that and seeing what an explosive offence and how they were to watch they were there was no looking back for me. And I loved the royal blue of the home jersey. Sadly I wouldn't get to see Manning play in a Colts uniform as he was released that off season but I remember being incredibly moved watching his retirement speech. After enduring my first season as a fan watching Painter et al reach 2-14 had a pretty good few years watching the team rise again with 12 under centre. Finally fulfilled a wish to see the team in person when they came to London last year and now I'm making plans to come to Indy to make a long overdue pilgrimage to LOS.

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