Why I am a Colts fan?

My fandom of the Colts began the day the team moved to Indianapolis. I remember vividly watching those Mayflower moving vans leaving Baltimore in the snow. I had gotten up early that day to see if I had a snow day from school. From that point, I was hooked because the town I grew up in finally seemed like a big league city!! I attended the very first game at the RCA in 1984 and purchased a limited addition commemorative Beer Stein, only 1000 were created. Mine was #678, which I know only because I still own it today and have it in a glass case on my dresser. Even though I moved to Arizona 20 years ago, I watch every single Colts game and go to see them at University of Phoenix stadium when they are here in full Colts regalia. You all would be very surprised to see how many Colts fans live in Arizona. We even have a Colts fan bar in Scottsdale. I have so many awesome memories from cheering for the Colts!!

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