Why I'm a Colts Fan

I was born into an Army family almost 57 years ago. There was never much money and my father wasn't involved with us kids much. So from morning to dark we stayed outside playing ball of every kind. Living in the Baltimore area I grew up pretending I was Johnny Unitas, Earl Morrall or Bert Jones. Sometimes I was the speedy Roger Carr, shifty Lydell Mitchell or the hard hitting Mike Curtis. These men gave this kid idols to look up to as I grew into a young man when there wasn't one at home. Then life happened one night and the Colts were gone, leaving me and my youth behind on their way to a strange place called Indianapolis. Though unhappy I still could never bring myself to turn my back on the team I fell asleep dreaming about so often as a young boy. All I could do then was check the scores from a distance in the years that followed. From a distance it seemed the Colts were paying a heavy price for ditching their fans as they became prolific losers. Yet each week of each season I continued to pull for my long lost team to win. In 2000 as a 40 year old my job unexpectedly transferred me just south if Indy to Columbus. The Colts and I were united again after 16 years and they had a cocky young gunslinger that reminded me a lot of Bert Jones all over again. I immediately bought my season tickets and went on the most amazing winning ride for the next 12 years because of Peyton, Marv, Edge and Regg. It was like I was a kid again. Now they have another hero under center to look up to. I am proud to be a Colts fan and have been faithful to them since 1969 and win or lose I always will be. They were there for me when I was a kid and I'm going to do the same for them. That's why I'm a Colts fan.

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