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David Parry sentenced to two years of probation

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We have officially gotten some resolution to David Parry’s legal situation, as today he was sentenced to two years of probation as part of a plea deal stemming from his February arrest.

In April it was reported that Parry had pled guilty to two counts but that as part of his plea deal he would avoid jail time and be sentenced to probation. So today’s news only makes it official with the sentencing of probation, as we now know how long that probation will be. It should be noted, however, that Parry still has a DUI misdemeanor charge in a separate court that has yet to be resolved, according to the Indy Star’s Stephen Holder.

Many fans were left wondering whether Parry’s arrest would mean the end of his time with the Colts, but the fact that he’s still on the roster a few months later suggests that the decision won’t be based on the legal situation. That’s exactly what Chris Ballard confirmed earlier this month too, as he acknowledged that the decision on Parry will be based solely on his on-field performance. Of course, there could still be NFL discipline stemming from the incident.

That’s not much more encouraging for Parry’s chances, however, as he’ll face stiff competition from Johnathan Hankins, Al Woods, and perhaps even Grover Stewart at the nose tackle spot. Parry has started all 32 games at the position for the Colts over the past two years, but he’s far from guaranteed a spot right now. His legal situation was a bad look and surely doesn’t help his case, but it sounds like Parry’s shot at making the roster will be strictly based on how he performs in the competition this offseason.