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Robert Mathis has still been around the Colts “pretty much every day”

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

For the last 14 years, Robert Mathis has been a member of the Indianapolis Colts. He retired following the 2016 season, but he hasn’t gone far. In fact, he’s still at the team’s facility pretty much every day.

During an interview with FOX Sports 97.5’s Jake Query and Derek Schultz earlier this week, Mathis explained that he’s been around the team quite a bit.

“Like I said, I’ve been around the team pretty much every day,” Mathis said when he was asked what a normal day looks like for him now. “So tomorrow it would be wake up, maybe at 8:30 go to the complex until like 1:00, 1:30, or whatnot.”

Mathis went on to explain that after he leaves the Colts’ facility he has a couple of hours to chill and relax with his wife before his kids get home from school. After that, it’s hanging out with the kids until they go to sleep. That family time is important to Mathis, however, which is why he has no plans on getting into coaching. He may, however, consider joining the Colts in some role moving forward.

“I’m still not sure,” Mathis said. “I know I do not want to be a coach, I’m positive about that. I want to maximize my time with my family. But I definitely want to be around the game in some shape [and] form, and ideally it would be my team that I’ve been a part of for 14 years.”

He made it clear that he doesn’t have a specific or formal role with the Colts right now but that he has been around the team almost every day. That means that he’s been able to still talk with the players and help however he can. That could be especially helpful for some of the Colts’ young outside linebackers, which includes free agent signings Jabaal Sheard, John Simon, and Barkevious Mingo, as well as rookie Tarell Basham. Having a very good and successful pass rusher in the building each day to talk with and learn from would be a really nice benefit for those guys.

So we’ve finally gotten some clarity: Mathis is not a coach nor does he have a formal or official role, but he’s been around the team every day for a couple of hours. He has no plans on getting into coaching, but it wouldn’t surprise me if at some point the Colts bring Mathis on in an official role that allows him to still be around, still teach the younger pass rushers, and still have plenty of time to spend with his family.