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Andrew Luck: Colts fans “don’t need to have any concern about their quarterback”

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As Andrew Luck recovers from offseason shoulder surgery, there is a sense that Colts fans are at least somewhat concerned.

That concern is warranted too, given the fact that the franchise quarterback hasn’t been throwing all offseason and won’t begin this week either. But Andrew Luck wants Colts fans to R-E-L-A-X, as his message to them was simple yesterday: he’ll be ok.

“They don’t need to have any concern about their quarterback,” he assured. “It’ll be alright.”

Luck said yesterday that he doesn’t know if he’ll be ready for training camp but that he’s not really thinking about it and that he isn’t worried about it. In the end, he’s very confident that he’ll be ok.

“Very high. Very, very high,” he said when asked just how high that confidence is. “One, I feel and see myself getting better every day, every week and that’s sort of something that you can hang your hat on. It’s tangible, measurable progress so to me that’s what matters right now.”

Luck hasn’t thrown since before his surgery in mid-January, which is the longest he’s gone without throwing in quite a while. “I couldn’t tell you [when the last time was],” Luck said. “Maybe a month. Well, I probably didn’t start throwing a football until I was six or seven years old.”

It has been a long rehab process for the Colts’ quarterback that is still ongoing, and while it can be hard for him at times to not be practicing or throwing, he knows that it’s for the best long-term with his rehab.

One other thing that Colts fans have been quick to point out is that it looks like Luck has lost weight - which, in fact, he did. Luck said that he lost about 15 pounds after the surgery, but he added that he’s re-gained 10-12 of those pounds. So he still wants to put on a few more pounds, but he’s getting there.

In short, he’s feeling optimistic about the way his rehab is going.

“No, not painful. It’s coming along well,” he said. “I’m seeing progress, tangible progress, which is all that I sort of care about right now. It’s good when you’re surrounded by good people – doctors, trainers, strength coaches and therapists. I got another day in the journey done.”