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Though he’s not practicing, Andrew Luck has still been very involved during OTAs

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Andrew Luck isn’t practicing at OTAs, but he’s still involved. He’s trying to learn all he can mentally and trying to help the other quarterbacks while he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery.

So far, the Colts haven’t put a timetable on Luck’s return from surgery. We’ve heard that the Colts hope and expect him to be back for week one, but all we’ve heard recently is that the Colts won’t rush him back and that when he’s ready to go he’ll be out there.

We probably won’t be getting a concrete timetable for Luck’s return anytime soon, but on Wednesday Chuck Pagano did talk about how the quarterback is doing this offseason.

“[He’s] doing great,” Pagano said. “I’ve got to give you the same thing. He’s doing well rehabbing every single day. He’s a coach out there on the field. He’s in the meetings. He’s doing everything but obviously taking snaps but he’s taking every one of them from a mental standpoint. He’s doing a great job with Scott [Tolzien], Stephen [Morris] and our young rookie Phillip [Walker]. He’s doing a great job with the tight ends, wideouts and backs. Obviously he knows the offense inside and out so it’s like having another coach on the field. Great sounding board for Scott, Stephen and Phil for when they come off the field – ‘What did you see? Why did you go there? What would you have done?’ Obviously a great sounding board, somebody that they’ll go to and they’ll get immediate feedback not only from Schotty [Brian Schottenheimer] but from Andrew.”

I’m sure by now Andrew Luck is tired of being a ‘coach on the field,’ something that he did for nine games in 2015 and then once last year. But at the same time, it’s good to see him still trying to make the most of the offseason program even if he’s not practicing. His schedule still includes important tasks such as rehab, meetings, and helping out the other quarterbacks on the field, and so instead of just checking out trying to get back on the field Luck is trying to make the most of his time rehabbing.

While Luck has been rehabbing and therefore not on the field, however, there is a competition ongoing for the backup quarterback spot, with Scott Tolzien, Stephen Morris, and Phillip Walker taking the reps. They’re competing for the right to be Luck’s backup, and as soon as Luck is healthy he’ll be back taking the number one reps. We still don’t know when that will be, but at least he’s making the most of his rehab right now during OTAs.