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Colts will get to wear their color rush uniforms this year

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A few years ago the NFL began having teams wear different uniforms for Thursday night games, calling these “color rush” uniforms.

Those have been widely mocked and criticized, but they’ll be back for 2017. The Redskins had submitted a proposal for consideration at the NFL owners meetings this year that would allow teams to opt out of wearing the color rush uniforms, but that proposal was withdrawn. So, in other words, teams will be wearing those uniforms once again in 2017.

That means that the Colts will actually be wearing their color rush jerseys for the first time, and it will be during their Thursday night game at home against the Denver Broncos on December 14. The Colts didn’t wear their uniforms last year due to the fact that their Thursday game was on Thanksgiving, but they said at the time that they would don the uniforms in 2017.

Here’s a reminder of what they look like:

Now, I should add a caveat that the NFL could always choose to change these uniforms and design new ones since there hasn’t been any official announcement about these jerseys for this upcoming season, but given the fact that the Colts haven’t worn theirs yet and that they said they would be wearing them in 2017, it seems like this will in fact be the uniform they wear this year on Thursday Night Football.

As far as Color Rush jerseys go, this actually isn’t too bad at all. The Colts will pair their customary home blue jerseys with blue pants, socks, and shoes, which is certainly a lot of blue but better than a number of other teams’ Color Rush uniforms.

What are your thoughts on these uniforms? Will you be looking forward to seeing the Colts wear them in 2017?