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Peyton Manning for President?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors were swirling earlier this year about the possibility of Peyton Manning joining the Colts as their president, but more recent rumors suggest he might have an interest in becoming the President of the United States.

Yeah, so earlier this month Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman wrote about how people around the NFL think that Manning will enter politics (h/t An AFC GM texted Freeman that, "Peyton Manning will be president one day," while some suggested that it would eventually be Manning versus Tom Brady for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Though Manning has denied having interest in going into politics, Freeman writes that people around the league don’t believe him. Freeman wrote that, “Around the league, one of the worst-kept secrets was that Manning would go into politics and eventually make a run at the presidency as a Republican,” and then later he also added that, “I've heard from former teammates how much Manning actually loves the idea of getting into the political world.”

One of those former teammates is Pat McAfee, who told Freeman that Manning never discussed politics with him. Nonetheless, McAfee thinks Manning would be great at it. "If he was to become a politician, I assume he'd be incredible at it," he said. "He's a leader, a tireless worker and a fabulous communicator. I don't know much about politics, but I think if you have those three traits, you have a chance of being a real world-changer. I hope he gets into it someday; would be great for our country."

That’s what would make Manning an intriguing candidate: of course he has the popularity and respect, but he’s also been able to help bring together locker rooms filled with different people of different backgrounds and beliefs; he’s a great communicator; and he’s wiling to work at it. That’s an intriguing combination.

Of course, a lot of this right now feels like true hypotheticals - Manning versus Brady in politics? Really? - but there might be at least some truth beneath it. Perhaps Manning really might be interested in going into politics, and it seems that around the NFL people think he probably will.

The political speculation surrounding Manning have picked up this offseason, as Manning reportedly spoke at the GOP retreat earlier this year and then later was seen playing golf with President Donald Trump.

If Manning were to have an interest in politics, it might not start directly with a presidential bid (despite recent precedent). Because of his popularity, you know he’d be able to win in a landslide in Tennessee, Indiana, or Colorado, if he decided that he could/should do it. Those states could also help in a quest for a presidential bid, too.

Look, a lot of this is simple speculation, but it’s interesting that people around the NFL think that it’s something Peyton Manning will wind up doing. And while it might seem crazy to suggest a former NFL quarterback running for President, there’s precedent for an unqualified individual to run and win, and Manning certainly wouldn’t be the worst candidate. Who knows? Maybe it will wind up happening, but I’d bet Colts fans would just as much rather see him as the president of the Colts.


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