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Robert Mathis offers support for Paul George, Pacers

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

While things around the Colts have been quiet recently, things haven’t been so quiet in the rest of the Indianapolis sports world.

Those of you who follow the NBA are surely aware that last week, Indiana Pacers star Paul George told the team that he intends to leave in free agency following the upcoming season.

That has led to plenty of reported trade discussions by the Pacers and it has led to fans discussing and debating what the best thing for the team to do is in a situation that seems like a very difficult one. And, as fans are apt to do, there’s a lot of ill-will toward George - including some jersey-burning.

Former Colts pass rusher Robert Mathis - who has collaborated with George on the annual Celebrity Softball Challenge - took to Twitter on Sunday to express his support for George.

“I’ve been asked a few times about Paul George & his decision,” Mathis wrote. “I feel he did just that, made his decision about his future and I respect it. I don’t have any urge to burn my jersey or my infant sons PG onesie lol... Make no mistake about it, I am a PacerFan & I will continue to occupy seats and refs will hear my smack talk as long as my wife and I are welcomed there. From the BigDog Roy Hibbert to the Olympic Champ PG13, they are my friends and Pacers are my team. P.s Thanks Roy for helping create #InDYsSummerClassic and a BIGGER thank you to PG for helping it grow to new levels!! Salute”

Of course, this isn’t really a Colts story, but it’s something that a lot of Indianapolis sports fans have been discussing this offseason with the Colts off. So since it’s something that likely interests a number of Colts fans, it’s interesting to get Mathis’ take on it.

He’s approaching the situation as a former player, as a friend of Paul George, and as a fan of the Pacers. So while he’d ideally love for George to stay with the Pacers, Mathis also understands the business side of things and as a former player. In that regard, he supports George’s decision.

Of course, one of the testaments to Mathis’ legacy is that he did it all with one team, so he certainly knows what it means to love a city and a franchise and stick around. He played for the Colts for 14 years and has made Indianapolis his home in retirement, and he’s been involved in the community - and in rooting on the Pacers.