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Colts leave Robert Mathis’ locker intact as a reminder and a tribute

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Following the 2016 season, longtime Colts pass rusher Robert Mathis retired from the National Football League. But even though he’s not getting after quarterbacks any more, his presence is still felt around the Colts’ building each day.

Mathis has been around the Colts daily as an unofficial coach, helping the younger pass rushers learn the art of getting after the QB that he did so well for so long. Mathis doesn’t have any plans yet of becoming a coach full-time, but he’s enjoying still being around the team.

Even if he wasn’t present at the team facility each day, though, there would still be a reminder of Mathis for the players: his locker. The Colts tweeted a video on Friday night about how they have kept Mathis’ locker preserved in glass in the locker room as a reminder and a tribute.

It’s a good reminder to the players, even those who never played with Mathis, about the pass rusher, who went to school at Alabama A&M, was drafted in the fifth round in 2003, and who worked his way into the lineup and into becoming the Colts’ all-time sack leader. It’s a reminder to players that just because they maybe came from a smaller school or weren’t a top draft pick it doesn’t mean their NFL career is hopeless. It’s a testament to hard work and dedication that Mathis showed during his time with the franchise.

It’s unclear how long the Colts plan to leave Mathis’ locker intact, but it’s a nice touch that serves as both a reminder to the current players and a tribute to Mathis.

As we already mentioned, however, the current players don’t really need to be reminded about Robert Mathis, because he’s around the facility this offseason helping the younger defenders. And last week, the Colts released a video of Mathis mic’d up on the practice field that’s worth your time: