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There’s still no timetable for Andrew Luck to begin throwing

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In today’s entry of the Andrew Luck watch, we at least have this much to report: he hasn’t been throwing.

That piece of information was shared by head coach Chuck Pagano today after Luck once again was a non-throwing participant in practice, serving more as a coach than as a player. Yesterday, the Panthers announced that Cam Newton would begin throwing next week in his rehab from shoulder surgery, but the same is not true of Andrew Luck.

Pagano said that Luck has not yet been throwing as part of his rehab and there is no timetable for when that throwing might begin.

"I'm not a [doctor], I'm following the protocol and he's going through rehab and we'll listen to our trainers," Pagano said, according to ESPN’s Mike Wells. "He's staying the course and staying with the process. So when it's time he'll start [throwing].”

Of course, it would be helpful to know when that will be, but it seems like Luck is at least still far away enough in his rehab that there’s not even a timetable for when he’ll begin throwing. The big milestone will be the start of training camp on July 29, as it will be very interesting and telling whether or not Luck is throwing. The Colts are wrapping up their OTAs this week and will have their mini-camp next week, and it looks incredibly unlikely that Luck will participate in either. That comes as no surprise, but it’s still not too reassuring to hear the head coach say that as of early July there’s still no timetable for when the franchise quarterback will begin throwing.

Today, Luck mainly spent his time working with the wide receivers in practice, basically just taking imaginary snaps, saying “hut,” and pointing out where the receivers should be. That continues the trend of Luck staying very involved this offseason even though he’s not throwing, but the big question continues to be when he’ll get back on the field. Based on today’s comments especially, that doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.