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Report suggests Andrew Luck ‘could’ throw now

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Since we first learned that Andrew Luck had had surgery on his throwing shoulder from Jim Irsay, the questions came early and often, and they haven’t stopped. Lingering since the 2015 season, the time was right for Luck to get that $140M arm worked on while he had the time needed to rehab it and miss as little time on the field as possible.

Every press conference this offseason they’ve flown in from every angle: “Is there any timetable on Luck being able to throw”, “Will Andrew be ready for camp” and so on. Fans have been freaking out in large numbers while a handful have remained calm understanding that the rehab process was originally suggested to last until mid-July from the start.

Well, whether you’re someone who needs to come off of the ledge, or just looking for some insight, Will Carroll has reported that he’s been given some rudimentary information on Luck’s situation. Carroll, a sports writer who covers medical issues including injuries and PED’s, dropped a nugget on Twitter today stating that he’s been told that Luck “could” throw, but it’s “Not time yet.”

Carroll also stated that stability is the focus of his Luck’s rehab. Reading between the lines this tells us that Luck’s rehab is pretty close to right on schedule to the time frame we initially heard. This tweet, though, makes you wonder if he’s been throwing underhand... right?

With just under three weeks until the players report to training camp this gives Luck a nice cushion to get himself further into therapy and work on range-of-motion with his shoulder and some other exercises. Just working with time-frame, I think we can expect Luck to start throwing in the next couple weeks and he’ll likely increase his throwing activity each day.

At this rate, if there aren’t any setbacks, it’s more than reasonable to assume that Week 1 is a very real target for full return to action. Just remember, even if Luck isn’t a full 100 percent following the fourth preseason game, the important thing is that he reaches that pinnacle of health, not that he play in the first regular season game.

The future is far more important than anything that happens in the first few weeks of this season for our franchise quarterback.