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Former Colts running back Josh Robinson looking for another shot at the NFL

Josh Robinson will be attending The Spring League showcase game this Saturday in Napa.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Josh Robinson, former sixth-round selection of the Indianapolis Colts, has stated in an interview that he’ll be heading to Napa — or in his words, “the Bay” — to work out for The Spring League. The Spring League is an instructional league and at least 90 players will be attending the showcase in hopes of being scouted by one of a couple professional football leagues.

Aside from Robinson, names such as Greg Hardy, Fred Jackson and Anthony Dixon have accepted invites as well. Robinson was drafted in 2015, but never gained enough momentum while fighting for a backup role to Frank Gore in order to remain with the team after getting only 17 carries in his rookie season.

Robinson was a favorite of Colts coach Chuck Pagano simply because of the adversity that he had overcome throughout his youth. If you recall, Robinson went through a stretch in his life where he’d had to deal with the death of his grandmother — who’d raised him — and his grandfather exactly one year later.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Robinson’s mother was given a lengthy prison sentence when he was in high school and he was forced to live out of his car for a time. When all of these stories were first dropped on the Colts’ fan base, despite any expectations, he became an easy player to pull for.

For now, at least, it appears as though Robinson will be getting another shot in the showcase game in Napa. Robinson hasn’t taken a snap in the league since October of that 2015 season, but you wouldn’t know it from his excitement in the interview below.

Robinson did have a short stint in the CFL and will certainly have his work cut out for him in attempting to break into the league again as their are expected to be, both, NFL and CFL league personnel in attendance. The showcase game will be held July, 15th at Memorial Stadium. Undoubtedly, Colts fans will be pulling for Josh to get another stab at an NFL career.