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Colts Cast: Dr. Jene Bramel simplifies Colts’ most pressing injuries into layman’s terms

We’ve heard the terms “labrum”, “bulging disc” and “sports hernia” but what does all of that really mean? Dr. Jene Bramel from simplifies them so we can understand them and the long term affects to each player.

We've continually heard about Andrew Luck's injury and the questions as to what the time table for return is. What we haven't heard is exactly what all his injury entails. We need to know what a realistic re-injury situation would be aside from a major collision on the field.

Is Luck’s immediate ability to throw an issue for the Colts? What exactly is the labrum and what is its construction? Naturally, there are many more questions that we need answers to, and Bramel helps us understand all of them.

Clayton Geathers' injury may be the one that very few of us have been able to wrap our heads around as well. Geathers is one of the best hopes we have on the back end of the Colts defense and any long term issues would be extremely disappointing for the future of the team. We need to know exactly what to expect from his rehab and his return to the field.

What actually is a bulging disc? Were the concussion symptoms a byproduct of this injury? What is his realistic long term health going to look like? Will he start the season on the PUP list? All questions that need answers with little information coming out of the organization.

Additionally, there's the offseason surgery to the Colts first-round pick Malik Hooker. Hooker was considered one of the best 10 talents in the draft, but he fell to the Colts. There are certainly some burning questions that we need answers to.

Were the Colts wise to use that premium draft selection on a guy with that type of injury? How will his long term health issues look?

All of these questions get answers and are broken down to where you and i can understand them.