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Colts Cast: Arrows Up or Down | Defense

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Matt and Brett are back to project the player’s 2017 season on the defensive side of the ball.

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On today’s show I return with Brett Mock to take a similar look at the defense. We, again, go with our arrows up or down for the returning players from the 2016 season projecting their 2017 performances, and look at what the new additions can bring to the chemistry of the unit as well.

The defense appears to be significantly more competitive at a few positions in particular, thus influencing their perceived impact on the team and their overall individual value.

Additionally, the defense is remarkably filled with the majority of the team’s acquisitions and draft selections as we look to the 2017 season. Naturally this shortens the ‘Up or Down’ portion of the conversation, but there’s a lot of fun and excitement in the process of looking into how these additions can help the overall performance of the defensive unit.

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