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Colts Cast: Where have the Colts improved most this offseason?

Our first Colts Cast of the week gets to the hear of some of the questions that still remain only a week out of training camp getting under way. While most have differing opinions, I give my take on where the Colts have improved the most this off-season.

Some will say in pass rush, others may feel coverage in the secondary, but I've got another area I’m focused on that complements every aspect of the Colts defense.

I also discuss some stories including whether or not the Colts should make a run at someone like Le’Veon Bell if he chooses to leave Pittsburgh after the 2017 season, who the Colts All-Pro candidates may be this season, as well as other Colts narratives popping up around the way.

I briefly discuss how Chris Ballard and his approach has the fan base so excited, in reference to Zak Keefer’s story detailing how the mindset around the Colts complex has done a complete 360 degree turnaround.

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