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Colts QB Andrew Luck is throwing again, starting camp on PUP list

Luck resumes throwing, will start training camp on PUP

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp Indy Star-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have announced that Andrew Luck has returned to throwing. General Manager Chris Ballard shared the following:

Andrew's got to work on getting his throwing motion back, all his strength back. Andrew has not had any setbacks at all in his rehab process or with his surgery. He is in good shape; he's in good standing. Long term, his shoulder, the prognosis is very good and that's very positive.

We're going to continue to follow the doctor's orders and the rehab process. This is a process. We've not put a timetable on this for a reason. There's a process with his rehab and his health and long-term success.

This is excellent news to know that there have been no setbacks and as we mentioned last week, we are not entirely surprised that the doomsayers were peddling nonsense. The last portion of Ballard's comments are important because it makes clear that fans should not have a specific expectation on when Luck will return.

I'm comfortable when our doctors and our trainers clear him and say he's ready to play. Whether that means he plays in preseason or doesn't play in preseason, that's up to our doctors and trainers to tell us where he's at and for Andrew to tell us where he's at.

This is great news for the Colts franchise long-term and makes it much more likely that Luck can start the regular season close to 100 percent.

Special nod to DevilsReject for posting the story in this Fanpost first.