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Colts Cast: Sizing up the Detroit Lions with Ryan Mathews from Pride of Detroit

As we get set for the Indianapolis Colts first matchup of the preseason against the Detroit Lions, Ryan Mathews from our partners at Pride of Detroit joined me to help me size up what to expect from their Sunday matchup.

Ryan and I go through some of the areas to watch for each team, some under the radar players who could make some noise and who the possible playmakers are that Colts fans should be keeping their eye on. Ryan describes some of the Lions’ strengths and weaknesses and how those could affect their season early on.

We combed through some of the more interesting rookies on both teams, how the joint practice shook out and the injuries that resulted from it. Additionally, we break down each team’s preseason outlook as the teams prepare for the 2017 season, as well as some interesting similarities between the two organizations.

We also talk about how each team’s coaching situation may shake out at the end of the year, what success looks like for each squad as well as who to expect on the field in any given situations. Some good insight on the Colts preseason Week 1 opponents for all of you to sink yourselves into.

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