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2017 Colts roster influenced by NFL village: Patriots influence is the biggest

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

The vast majority of players in the NFL will play for multiple teams throughout their careers. This means that all NFL teams have coaching and team influences from all over walking onto the practice field.

A recent tweet caught my attention and set me to wondering, which teams have had the biggest influence on the Indianapolis Colts roster.

I was able to confirm that 9 players on the 90 man roster (a full 10%) have been influenced in some way by a stay in New England. Those players?

Kamar Aiken, Akeem Ayers, Jon Bostic, Darius Butler, Rashaan Melvin, Barkevious Mingo, Jabaal Sheard, Adam Vinatieri, and George Winn

Two other NFL teams are tied for second in terms of influence on the current Colts roster with six players per team and a total of 10 unique players overall. Those teams are the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans — Al Woods played for both and Akeem Ayers played for the Patriots.

The Bucs, 49ers, Texans, Bears, Cowboys, and Browns each have influenced 4 Colts players for an additional 9 unique players who didn’t play for the Patriots, Seahawks, Titans or a combination of the any of the already mentioned teams.

It gets more difficult to find unique players the further you go down the list. Tied at 3 players influenced apiece is the Dolphins, Ravens, Packers, Lions, Jets, Jaguars, Steelers, and Panthers with only 4 unique players between all of them.

Those with only 2 players influenced includes the Giants, Cardinals, Raiders, Bills, and Vikings with 4 unique players between them. There are 7 teams who have influenced one player on the Colts current roster that includes the Redskins, Bengals, Saints, Rams, Eagles, Chargers, and Broncos with 3 unique players between them as well.

This results in a total of 39 players who have played at some point on other NFL teams that are currently on the Colts preseason roster. Those players have played on a combined 29 NFL teams.

The players who have traveled the NFL most on the Colts roster?

George Winn - 8 rosters (Colts, Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Patriots, Raiders, Steelers, Texans)
Lavar Edwards - 7 rosters (Bears, Bills, Colts, Cowboys, Panthers, Raiders, Titans)
Arturo Uzdavinis - 6 rosters (Bears, Colts, Jaguars, Lions, Texans, Vikings)
Al Woods - 6 rosters (Bucs, Colts, Saints, Seahawks, Steelers, Titans)
Kamar Aiken - 5 rosters (Bears, Bills, Colts, Patriots, Ravens)
Jeremiah George - 5 rosters (Bucs, Colts, Cowboys, Jaguars, Jets)
Rashaan Melvin - 5 rosters (Bucs, Colts, Dolphins, Patriots, Ravens)

Here is the full list of team influence on players who are currently on the Colts roster:

New England Patriots (9) - Kamar Aiken, Akeem Ayers, Jon Bostic, Darius Butler, Rashaan Melvin, Barkevious Mingo, Jabaal Sheard, Adam Vinatieri, George Winn

Seattle Seahawks (6) - T.Y. McGill, Troymaine Pope, Tyvis Powell, Robert Turbin, Brandon Williams, Al Woods
Tennessee Titans (6) - Akeem Ayers, Jack Doyle, Lavar Edwards, Deiontrez Mount, Sean Spence, Al Woods

San Francisco 49ers (4) - Fahn Cooper, Frank Gore, Darryl Morris, Scott Tolzien
Chicago Bears (4) - Kamar Aiken, Jon Bostic, Lavar Edwards, Arturo Uzdavinis
Cleveland Browns (4) - Barkevious Mingo, Tyvis Powell, Jabaal Sheard, Robert Turbin
Tampa Bay Bucs (4) - Jeremiah George, Rashaan Melvin, Luke Rhodes, Al Woods
Dallas Cowboys (4) - Lavar Edwards, Jeremiah George, Robert Turbin, George Winn
Houston Texans (4) - Darryl Morris, John Simon, Arturo Uzdavinis, George Winn

Miami Dolphins (3) - Vontae Davis, Rashaan Melvin, Brandon Williams
Jacksonville Jaguars (3) - Jeremiah George, Stephen Morris, Arturo Uzdavinis
New York Jets (3) - Jeremiah George, Darryl Morris, Troymaine Pope
Detroit Lions (3) - Jon Bostic, Arturo Uzdavinis, George Winn
Green Bay Packers (3) - Josh Boyd, Scott Tolzien, Jeremy Vujnovich
Carolina Panthers (3) - Darius Butler, Lavar Edwards, Brandon Williams
Baltimore Ravens (3) - Kamar Aiken, Rashaan Melvin, John Simon
Pittsburgh Steelers (3) - Sean Spence, George Winn, Al Woods

Buffalo Bills (2) - Kamar Aiken, Lavar Edwards
Arizona Cardinals (2) - Matthias Farley, Edwin Jackson
New York Giants (2) - Johnathan Hankins, George Winn
Oakland Raiders (2) - Lavar Edwards, George Winn
Minnesota Vikings (2) - Jeff Locke, Arturo Uzdavinis

Cincinnati Bengals (1) - Margus Hunt
Denver Broncos (1) - Henry Krieger-Coble
San Diego Chargers (1) - Scott Tolzien
Philadelphia Eagles (1) - Stephen Morris
Los Angeles Rams (1) - Akeem Ayers
Washington Redskins (1) - Tevin Mitchel
New Orleans Saints (1) - Al Woods