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Colts Tight End Erik Swoope Undergoes Minor Knee Procedure

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Chuck Pagano revealed today that Colts TE Erik Swoope underwent a minor knee surgery this week and will be considered week-to-week going forward.

“He needed to have some things cleaned up in there, nothing major but he will be week to week on that,” said Pagano.

Pagano described the reason for the procedure as being a result of the fact that Swoope’s knee “blew up on him” a week or so ago.

This is a big deal for a tight end group that needs Swoope to take a big step up and hopefully fill the void left by Dwayne Allen. It is especially significant for Swoope, a converted basketball player, who until he joined the Colts in 2014, had never played a down of football.

It is exceedingly clear that he has the measurables to be a very good tight end, but he needs all the practice time he can get to attempt to develop the understanding of the game and continue to improve. Missing valuable time during camp is definitely harmful to his development and means that Henry Krieger-Coble and Brandon Williams will have to really step it up to fill that spot if Swoope is not ready to go week one.