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Colts Cast: Sizing Up the Dallas Cowboys w/R.J. Ochoa of Blogging the Boys

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As the Indianapolis Colts prepare for their preseason Week 2 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys I sat down to chat with R.J. Ochoa of Blogging the Boys to dig in to what Colts fans can expect to see Saturday.

We dive into how how effective the Cowboys young secondary can affect the Colts’ offense, where the Colts should attack on each side of the ball, who are some of the lesser known Cowboys we may want to pay attention to and much more.

With all of the Colts injuries we may just see the first teamers out on the field a bit longer than expected, which may be a good idea due to the need to see what we have on defense. The offense is such a question mark right now, which is not what we expected, but there are rookies and veterans alike that will need to get some important snaps in Saturday.

Get prepared with the words of the enemy this week, and hope that the Colts can show some signs of life.

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