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Colts Cast: Reacting to Colts Preseason Week 2 Loss with Jake Arthur

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Chuck Pagano and the Indianapolis Colts have done it to us again. He and Chris Ballard have preached competition to make this team better and that simply isn’t evident after their first two outings.

They are ignoring Stephen Morris’ quality play at quarterback and going with a lost cause in Scott Tolzien and even using Phillip Walker as the backup who is about as exciting as a runny nose.

Our own Jake Arthur joins me to react to what we witnessed Saturday night from our Colts, as well as an overall look at the team as a whole. The defense has flashed with some turnovers, but they still got run over for 160 yards rushing without their top running back.

Dak Prescott diced up the Colts’ coverage and their appears to be very little growth in that category from last year as well. This is not a good team right now and there will have to be massive changes undertaken if they are to morph into anything resembling such a roster very quickly.