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Colts Cast: Diving Into the Latest Colts News and Rumors

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Injury news, Andrew Luck rumors, there’s plenty to discuss today on the Colts Cast

The Indianapolis Colts have had some very interesting rumors floating about involving a couple players, none being more concerning than those of Andrew Luck. Phillip Dorsett has been said to be on the trading block as well, and there are some intriguing possibilities that that would present for the team going forward.

We’re going to talk about the Colts shifting their offensive line around, who’s missing practice, who’s returned to the field and what all of that could mean for the Colts in the very near future.

Why has Le’Raven Clark fallen out of favor with the coaching staff? Who could legitimately take his place? How important is Brian Schwenke’s return to the field? What can the Colts do to possibly keep from having to look outside of the building for a backup quarterback to hold the reigns while Luck is out? Has something happened to the original target for Luck to return?

I go through all of this and much more today.

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