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Colts Cast: Sizing Up the Pittsburgh Steelers with Alex Kozora

Alex Kozora from Steelers Depot joins Matt Danely to break down what we should expect this Saturday

As the Indianapolis Colts prepare to go into Pittsburgh, Colts fans are preparing for the team’s ‘dress rehearsal’ game of the preseason. We’re all aware that the team is having a tough time keeping guys healthy as well as getting those who are on the field to be effective.

Alex Kozora from Steelers Depot joined me this week to give us some insight on what we might expect the Colts to be getting into this Saturday. Who Alex expects to take the field, where the Steelers’ strengths are this season, where their weaknesses may be and how much of the playbook may be exposed will be discussed.

The Colts and Steelers meet up later on in the season, so this might be a game that fans will want to pay special attention to. My typical question to our guests will continue as I look to find out some potential targets for the Colts come cutdown day which is: Who is the best player who won’t make the roster?

Alex does a nice job of giving us a quality overview of our opponents for this very important preseason matchup. The Colts truly need to find something to build upon as the confidence level can’t be at an all-time high at this point. I’m just hoping the Colts can improve upon the poor performances they’ve put out thus far, especially the first unit on both sides of the ball.

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