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Patriots Release DE Kony Ealy - Should the Colts Take a Chance On Him?

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

According to Mike Garafolo, the Patriots will release DE Kony Ealy, a player the Panthers sent to them as a part of a trade to move up in the draft this year. Ealy is 25, has been a solid producer since coming into the league, and has the kinds of traits that Ballard likes.

Ealy is quick off the snap and long, and though he has played at the defensive end spot in a 4-3 previously, he was projected as a guy who might be a good fit to move to a rush linebacker role in a 3-4 system. The Colts certainly are in no position to overlook anyone who could possibly improve what has been a lackluster pass rush, and this is a guy who could possibly be a difference maker for years to come, and who would come with virtually no risk.

As a guy who has worked in systems with two quality defensive teams, Ealy is a guy to watch because Ballard spent the whole offseason picking up guys like him.

What do you think? Is this a guy worth taking a look at? Let us know in the comments.