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Colts Cast: Reacting to Colts Preseason Week 3 Win Over Steelers

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Chris Blystone joins Matt Danely in a run through of what the Indianapolis Colts showed in Pittsburgh Saturday night

The Indianapolis Colts traveled to Heinz Field Saturday night and aside from the first several plays of the Pittsburgh Steelers initial possession, they came out with a totally different energy level. There were more turnovers forced by this defense, a little bit of pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and some quality coverage from the Colts defense to talk about. Additionally, there was some much improved quarterback play from the Colts, both, from Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris.

Chris and I will go through the most impressive areas of the game, where the Colts struggled, which players continued on a path towards making the roster as well as which still have something to prove. John Simon may turn out to be more of an impact player than we once thought, and one draft pick in particular has been especially silent thus far into the preseason.

We’ll also touch on Chester Rogers’ injury status and what that may mean for his future, how Phillip Dorsett played very well for himself as well as why Marlon Mack’s rushing yards in this matchup aren’t what is most important in looking at his performance.

We take a quick look at how the three newest Colts (Chris Culliver, Corey White and Darnell Sankey) looked and how long we see them being around. We’ll also dive into who we each felt has changed our mind from whatever our initial notions were of them, as well as how we see the kicking competition shaking out between Rigoberto Sanchez and Jeff Locke.

We cover much more from the Colts victory, and discuss how it could shape the team’s future during the season.

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