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Vontae Davis Considered Week-to-Week With “Significant” Groin Injury

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Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

In the buzz surrounding the first signs of life in the Colts week three playoff game, something pretty significant flew under the radar. Vontae Davis, the Colts best defensive player by a wide margin, went out with a groin injury.

While soft tissue injuries have been something Davis has played with for most of the time he has been in the NFL, this one is significant for a couple of reasons. The first is that Davis has been having a pretty great offseason. From the time camp started he has been playing with energy and intensity. Before going down with his injury he was playing really well against the Steelers.

A lot of that quality play was likely due to the fact that Davis was actually healthy. When he has been banged up, Davis’ play takes a noticeable and understandable drop off. Going against the best receivers in the league and winning that battle consistently is hard enough at full health.

The second reason this should concern Colts fans is that Davis is awaiting a second opinion on this injury. If we think about that for a second it should be a pretty significant red flag, right? What reasons might the Colts need a second opinion? Instinct says that the news they got was not good. If the doctor tells you surgery is the best option you would want to be absolutely sure they are right before proceeding that way and costing your player a lot of missed time.

Imaging and diagnosis of the injury are most likely not the part that is subjective to multiple opinions, the pathway forward would be. It seems that the most likely scenario here is that the Colts are trying to confirm their course of treatment. If it was simply a pulled groin that would be something the training staff would handle and he would mainly need rest.

Pagano described Davis’ condition as a “significant” groin injury today in his press conference and stated that he was week-to-week. That is not encouraging.

The Colts are already an incredibly young and inexperienced defensive unit. While the defensive line has shown some promise, the linebackers and defensive backs have struggled. That is to be expected given how much turnover there is on that side of the ball from last season. However, losing their best defensive player for any amount of time would be a huge blow to the team and would put even more pressure on the young cornerbacks to develop and perform ahead of schedule, and without a savvy veteran across from them.

We should know more in the coming days, but I think we need to be prepared to see Davis miss several games.