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Colts Cast: Sizing Up the Cincinnati Bengals with James Rapien

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As the Indianapolis Colts prepare for the preseason finale tonight I was joined by James Rapien (ESPN 1530) to break into just who the Cincinnati Bengals are this season. Additionally, I go through the latest Colts news and notes to get you up to speed.

We discussed the troubled talent that the Bengals have brought in over the years, how the coaching staff has dealt with all of those egos, as well as how they — mostly — keep them in line off the field in the process.

Being that the deeper portion of the current rosters is what we’ll be seeing in today’s preseason game, we look into how the rookies have looked thus far and who we should watch for as the rosters are shaped before the regular season is under way.

James gives us a couple of under the radar players who could be left off of their roster, as well as some who could make surprisingly make it.

For the game itself there’s not a ton for us to preview, but remember, the Colts play the Bengals again later on this season in Week 8 in Cincinnati. Therefore a preview to their roster will give us a bit of insight into what we could witness at that time.

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