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It Sounds Like the NFL Preseason Might Be Going under the Knife

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell makes it sound like the NFL preseason might be getting a makeover.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was on hand for the Indianapolis Colts 2017 Kickoff Luncheon on Wednesday. Although he spoke on the possibility of The Circle City hosting another Super Bowl — and there was a ton of talk about Andrew Luck — something else caught my eye when panning over Zak Keefer of The Indianapolis Star’s highlights.

It sounds like the four-game NFL preseason is in the cross-hairs and is due to get chopped down.

Keefer quoted Goodell as saying, “We actually just talked about it, coach (Chuck Pagano), Tony (Dungy) and Chris (Ballard). I’ve asked every football guy, ‘How many preseason games do we really need to prepare your team and develop players and evaluate players and get yourself ready for the season? And I think that has shifted dramatically in the last three years. I think that coaches and football people think that you could do this in three (games), and I actually think that’s better for the fans. I actually don't think the preseason games are of the quality that I’m really proud of. From my standpoint, I think that would be a really healthy shift.”

When Goodell wants something done, it happens. And from the looks of it, he is not happy with what the league-wide four-game slate of preseason games looks like, neither are people in NFL circles, and neither are the fans.

The likely one big opponent to this all would be the NFL’s owners. However, if their head coaches and general managers are clamoring for a shortened preseason for the long-term health and on-field quality of the players, perhaps they can come to an agreement.

Another big question would be the timeline for this to go into effect. The most likely scenario is when the current collective bargaining agreement expires following the 2020 season. Don’t expect the owners to bring it up on their own accord at owners meetings.