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Colts Cast: Training Camp Day 4 Interviews and Insights

A second day of hitting has come and gone and the Indianapolis Colts have certainly got some good things working for them. In my second day at camp I hash out some of the highlights of the day, who I am impressed with and who may be falling to the back of the line.

Additionally, I offer a possible camp cut that many aren’t talking about...yet. This year’s roster has offered hope after all of the additions were brought in through free agency and the draft. Some, including myself, have suggested that we temper our expectations with the widespread turnover and change throughout the organization, but in just two days it’s clear that this group may warrant some legitimate excitement.

In addition to some added takeaways from camp, Jon Bostic, Rashaan Melvin and Malik Hooker joined me for some brief interviews to get the fire in your loins sparked all over again. Enjoy the show.

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