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Colts Cast: Diving Into Andrew Luck’s Abilities With Derrik Klassen

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Derrik Klassen (TwoQB’s, Bleacher Report and Optimum Scouting) joins the Colts Cast to break down Luck’s abilities and some misconceptions.

Today I brought on Derrik Klassen, who does some great film work and easily digestible writing on quarterbacks for multiple sites and publications, to describe what his favorite attributes of Andrew Luck.

Derrik breaks down Luck’s best mechanics and what he feels are signs of his greatness. Additionally, he goes into detail about what should not be changed about Luck’s game and what exactly will cause his game to come full circle to get him the praise he deserves.

Luck has been torn down for his interceptions throughout his career, but Derrik doesn’t think they’re worth worrying about. Derrik speaks about Luck’s aggressive approach to the game and how it’s necessary for him to remain the special talent that he is.

There are flaws to Luck’s game, this isn’t news to anyone, but what will it take to get Luck to move those flaws into the strength category. Also we talk about what Luck’s surgery and subsequent rehab will do for his game as the season progresses.

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