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Colts Cast: Training Camp Takeaways from Week 1 with George Bremer

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Today our friend George Bremer joined me again to discuss everything we could about our what we have seen thus far at Indianapolis Colts training camp. We discuss the players who are shining as well as those who are going largely unnoticed and even those who may be leaving a roster spot on the practice field.

We talk news surrounding the team (1:00), what it means to have Andrew Luck being visible at the team’s practice (5:51), how Phillip Dorsett and Kamar Aiken have flip flopped good and bad days recently in practices and everything that comes with that conversation (8:35) including roster implications that follow the position.

Additionally, we take a look at some of the questions that you, the community have asked me in the comments section or in mailbag submissions to get George’s take on them (17:00). We talk about the impressive chemistry between Al Woods and Johnathan Hankins (20:00).

We speak about rookie Malik Hooker’s natural ability and movement at the safety position (22:02), Antonio Morrison and how he’s improved (23:26), the defensive line (31:30) and much more organic conversation that you won’t want to miss.

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