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Colts Cast: Diving Into Colts Initial Depth Chart With Brett Mock

Today our Managing Editor Brett Mock joins me as we comb through the initial depth chart that was released Tuesday afternoon. For the most part, the list is pretty typical and at least gives us a look into what the coaching staff and Chris Ballard think about each of these players.

However, there are some mind-bending positional situations with what we perceive to be glaring misses. Additionally, some of the guys we’ve talked about — that others have talked about so highly who are on the verge of roster purgatory.

Is there a player that allows for the option to make an attempt at trading them in return for possibly a conditional future draft selection? How many defensive linemen have I decided on for the roster? Which player do i have as currently missing the roster, but is also my first one in should anything happen in another area of the roster to allow him in?

While the offense feels as though it’s all set, the defense is another story entirely. Real football cannot get here soon enough.

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