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Colts release Kendall Langford with failed physical designation

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Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today the Indianapolis Colts have released defensive end Kendall Langford with a failed physical designation. Langford was placed on injured reserve last November causing him to miss the remainder of the year. Many questions were brought to the forefront this offseason with the most prominent indeed asking if the Colts would let him go, but then it was asked almost solely with the mindset of saving money.

Langford was placed on the Active PUP list July 29th, and now it appears as though the Colts would rather move on from him despite his being so durable throughout such a large portion of his career. In fact, last season was the first year in which he missed a game throughout his nine-year career.

Langford amassed 7 sacks, and 48 total tackles in his two seasons with the Colts. The logical assumption is that the Colts felt Langford would be out for a significant amount of time, may not come back to full health or a combination of both. The move saves the Colts upwards of $3.5M going forward.

Additionally, Margus Hunt has looked pretty good throughout training camp, as well as many others along the defensive line, and this simply allows the Colts move on for good from the situation.