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Colts Cast: Reacting to Colts Blowout Loss to Rams in Week 1

Where to start? How about we start with the fact that Scott Tolzien threw two pick-sixes and almost a third. Yep, that Scott Tolzien. The same one who Chris Ballard told us was “more consistent” when he ‘won’ the backup role, ultimately getting him the start Sunday.

We can transition to the secondary from there. T.J. Green started at left corner after getting two weeks of the equivalent of being fiddled with at a new position. He may end up being a cornerback in the end, but right now, he should feel lucky to be on the field at all — let alone starting above a second-round draft pick who actually is a corner.

The rest of the secondary was pretty bad as well, though. The safeties couldn’t cover, the linebackers struggled too in coverage and the Colts got very little pressure on Jared Goff throughout the day. Oh yeah, and Chuck Pagano robbed Marlon Mack of a touchdown by rushing his offense to the line of scrimmage (the 1-yard line) only to leave his assistants no time to review the previous play, and the offense had to settle for a field goal.

Speaking of field goals, Mr. Clutch — Adam Vinatieri — has missed two field goals and an extra point in the past few weeks. Aside from all of that, everything went well.

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