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Colts Cast: Where Do the Colts Go From Here?

Jake Arthur and Jared Malott join Matt Danely to dive further into Sunday’s debacle and the future of the team

Reeling from the blowout loss to the L.A. Rams, there is still some topics to dive into when attempting to figure out just what is going on inside the organization. Jake Arthur and Jared Malott joined me for today’s show in attempt to sort through it.

We briefly discuss our low points of the game, as well as the very limited positives that we noticed in this very poor excuse for a game. We also dive into our thoughts on who is to blame for what we’re seeing.

Is Chuck Pagano completely, and solely responsible? How much of this goes on the player’s shoulders? To what level are Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay complicit in the lack of competence? Can, and will the Indianapolis Colts rebound just to delay the inevitable which is a search for a new coaching staff?

We take a look at all of it, including a conversation looking into how Rob Chudzinski is calling plays for Scott Tolzien and the simplicity in the offense that they are using. Also, with this being the case, how is it not possible that Jacoby Brissett could step in and immediately be an upgrade?

We look at as much as we could get off our chests in an hour, but there are more conversations expected to contain major issues with this coaching staff, the talent on the field and decisions to start noticeably less talented players in the future.

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