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Colts One of Four Largest Underdogs in Week 2

Indianapolis Colts v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

As the lines in Las Vegas settle in, the Indianapolis Colts are one of just four teams who are finding themselves to be underdogs by more than a touchdown. Not having your franchise quarterback Andrew Luck, getting smashed by the L.A. Rams 46-9 and not a single person who watches football having an ounce of trust in your head coach will do that to you i suppose.

Amazingly enough after Sunday’s disgusting performance, the Colts aren’t the biggest dogs in Week 2, but they are among the league’s most disappointing organizations which is a major slap in the face to the Colts fan base.

According to those who make these lines the Colts are getting 7.5 points against the Arizona Cardinals and are only being beat out for the worst line this week by the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets who are both getting 14 points, and the Cleveland Browns who are getting 8 points.

If there’s anything that should make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, it’s being in the same sentence with any of those teams with their recent history of incompetence and terrible records.

Granted, Scott Tolzien or Jacoby Brissett under center will contribute to not being taken seriously, but the fact that Cardinals’ running back David Johnson won’t be playing and Carson Palmer throwing 3 interceptions against the Detroit Lions in Week 1 — and the Colts are still down this much tells us more than we want to hear right now.

The Cardinals notched 1 sack and 6 QB hits in Week 1 — very similar to what the Colts defense put up — yet the team is still a significant underdog.

With that in mind, I don’t think it has a ton to do with the rest of the team, save for the quarterback position. My assumption is that this is almost exclusively due to the ineptitude of the Colts coaching staff versus the way the Cardinals is perceived.

Anyway that you choose to look at it, this Colts roster, front office and coaching staff are not taken earnestly right now having shown the inability to get the roster prepared week to week, to make intelligent in-game decisions and taking an almost clueless approach to the quarterback position over the past few months.

While you might like to think it can’t get any worse this season, just like some of our overreactions to one week of football, we’ll need to see more to make that determination. However, I wouldn’t think that this will be the last time the Colts may be picked to lose by more than a touchdown as the season progresses.