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Andrew Luck Makes Appearance At Colts Practice

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to George Bremer of the Herald Bulletin, there has been an Andrew Luck sighting at Colts practice today.

Luck was in street clothes, so this is not an indicator of any specific progress, but he did spend time talking with Chudzinski, and he has typically been out of sight working in the training facility and rehabbing separate from the team.

What if anything does this mean? More than likely it means very little. Luck is a smart guy and the coaching staff is short on those, so it can’t hurt to have him involved in the game planning and giving his two cents. However, this change likely means something, even if it doesn’t mean something huge. Luck being out on the field could be an indication that at least to some degree, the rehab part of the process is nearing the end. According to the timeline that various doctors have given, that should be the case. It may even be an indicator that we could be seeing Luck throwing as soon as next week.

Most of us understand that even if he is throwing, we should not expect to see him suiting up in a game imminently, and I would guess it won’t be sooner than when Ryan Kelly is back and healthy. You can be sure he is there with a purpose though. He didn’t just get bored wandering the facility and decide to pop out to the practice field. Whatever this means, if it means anything at all, it is encouraging to see him out there with the team.