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Indianapolis Colts: Week 2 in Quotes

Notable Indianapolis Colts quotes leading up to Week 2.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

All over the league calendar, whenever NFL personnel talk about their teams, it’s usually all smoke and nonsense. However, here are a bunch of quotes that I found interesting throughout the week before the Indianapolis Colts take on the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday.

“Andrew (Luck) will be out this week.”

-Head coach Chuck Pagano

This is the obvious, but most important quote here. Although it was expected, and Luck is likely to be out until October-ish, at least they declared it at the beginning of the week.

“These guys have been ruled out: Andrew Luck, Ryan Kelly, Vontae Davis, Antonio Morrison, Anthony Walker and Darius Butler.”


Denzelle Good, we put on IR (injured reserve). He had a ligament issue in his wrist and had to have it surgically repaired so it’s going to be awhile.”


“Yeah, he’s making great progress. Ahead of schedule.”


In regards to Vontae Davis practicing and how he is doing.

“Offensively, we had an opportunity early. I talked about it last night – that’s on me. We get down there close and tried to catch them off guard and catch them not lined up. Probably should have waited, obviously, to see if we could get a better shot of the ruling on the field, but I own that one.

I know exactly what you’re saying. I should’ve bought us a little bit more time. Even if I would’ve bought a little bit more time, would I have challenged? I don’t think so. Knowing what I know, I don’t think so.”


In regards to last week’s failure to challenge Marlon Mack’s would-be touchdown. Then, somehow going on to defend his decision.

“We’ve got to do what’s best for the football team and what gives us the best chance to move the ball and put points on the board.”


When asked what would go into making a change at quarterback.

“If he were to, there’s a lot obviously. There’s nobody that can come in and digest and learn a playbook in that period of time, so there’s challenges that would be with any quarterback in any system in any NFL building.”


When asked if Jacoby Brissett could start for the Colts on Sunday.

“We look at every option. I guess.”

“No. We wouldn’t bring in a guy – just to clarify – that we know, and have a large background on for a tryout.”


When asked if Stephen Morris was an option to be signed and if he had a workout this week.

“(We) got to put pressure on this quarterback. You’ve got to get him off the spot. You’ve got to get bodies around him, get in his face and try to force him into some bad throws. Detroit was able to do that and came away with three turnovers. Our ability to create some turnovers in this ball game is going to be paramount to our success and give our offense some short fields.”


“A little bit of everything.”


In regards to what change we will see on Sunday.

“You see that that kid’s going to be a really special player. I think that it’s not going to take very long. He does things naturally. He’s one of those guys that can make more plays by accident than a lot of guys can make on purpose, just simply because he has great instinct and great feel.”

-Defensive coordinator Ted Monachino

On what he saw from Malik Hooker last Sunday.

“The only thing that would be holding Quincy Wilson back would be Quincy Wilson. I think that he is a very young person, chronologically he’s very young, and then he has no experience at this level. So it’s going to take him some time. He has corner skill. He is going to be a fine corner in our league. He fought through a couple things injury-wise, and it stunted his growth. The more we get him in the game, the more he will learn because he will make mistakes, and he will get beat in coverage and all those things will happen. But it’s going to take that a little bit, and we’ve got to make sure that we put him in there at times when he can go in and play, and he can play free and he can use his talents. So yeah, Quincy is growing. He’s young and he’s growing, and a guy that’s played in our league in games, those guys are generally the better option early in the season.”


When asked if there is anything keeping Quincy Wilson back from seeing more action.

“I think so much of it is the team that’s around you. I think he is probably the best rookie quarterback I’ve ever had. I’ve never seen anybody do the come-from-behind victories that he could pull off that year. It was kind of a magical year. But he could be one of the best of all-time with the right pieces around him. You’ve got to have defense, you’ve got to have everything. It’s not just him playing. He’s very, very special.”

-Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians

When asked how great he thinks Luck can be.

“I want everybody to know that Andrew Luck is a warrior... I always like to use ‘dog’ reference. He’s a straight ‘dog,’ pedigree, AKC-registered, blue-chip stud.

The whole rumor thing, it couldn’t be any more untrue. I sat and literally had a conversation with him (Thursday) and this man is as loyal as it comes. For that to even be a rumor that makes the mainstream is pretty laughable.”

-Former teammate Robert Mathis

In regards to the rumors that Luck wants out of Indianapolis.

-Former teammate Matt Hasselbeck

In regards to the rumors that Luck wants out.