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Colts Q&A with Jake, Week 2: Pagano’s future, Tolzien and the QB situation, and more

Indianapolis Colts v Los Angeles Ram Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Your Week 2 Colts Q&A session.

Posted by Jake Arthur NFL on Sunday, September 17, 2017

Michael Arthur (Facebook)

“How do you see the Colts’ season shaping up?”

Everything hinges on how long Andrew Luck is out. Let’s say it’s October—he will still need a couple of weeks to shake the rust off. That basically means you only have a competent, competitive team for only the second half of the season. I think 7-9/8-8 is a realistic expectation for a final record. For me, I am looking forward to evaluating the Colts’ young players to see how they can build for the future.

David Whiteley (Facebook)

“Okay, the answers are: Scott Tolzien, Chuck Pagano or a member of the coaching staff.

The question: Put in order (including when and if) these guys lose their job, starting with the most likely.”

All indications are that Scott Tolzien has lost his starting job to Jacoby Brissett, so there is your most likely. I don’t see Chuck Pagano being let go during the season unless the team is just absolute garbage. A member of the coaching staff (coordinator or position coach) would be the most likely after Tolzien.

John Frasure (Facebook)

“Has anyone ever gone back to a player (let's say Zack Brown) that visited the Colts and decided to sign with another team and asked them what made them pick going to a different team (besides money)? Brown signed for less money with the Redskin that we signed (then released) Sean Spence, who is probably better than what we have now. I hoped and thought Jon Bostic would prove his past to be a fluke and not be the Practice Warrior, but lo and behold... here he is... or isn't, since he did not show up in Week 1. Brown had 12 tackles in his debut for the Redskins. Bostic got burned repeatedly in his debut.”

The biggest things that seem to sway free agents are money, their role on the new team, comfortability or familiarity with the coaching staff, how good the new team is, and what their family thinks.

Joshua Strychalski (Twitter, @joshstryke)

“Where do the Colts go from here? How long will this dumpster fire burn? Is there a silver lining anywhere? How dare they? I'll hang up and listen”

Just have to hang on and enjoy the ride! Your silver lining can be that they have a lot of talented, young pieces to build around. And, Luck will be back eventually.

Ellen Brophy Morhart (Facebook)

“Jim Irsay has, what most fans might consider, unjustified loyalty to Chuck Pagano. Realistically, will Pagano survive this season? The bigger question is, who replaces him? Personally, I don't consider anyone on the Colts coaching staff a viable option.”

I think Pagano survives the season because I feel it’s a forgone conclusion that he is gone after this season anyway. Unless the team is just downright awful throughout the year, Irsay and Chris Ballard will probably roll with Pagano. However, if he were to be fired in-season, the most likely replacements would be offensive line coach Joe Philbin or offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, both of whom have NFL head coaching experience.

John McKinney (Facebook)

“Having talked to people close to Peyton Manning 10 years ago, he wanted nothing to do with coaching. Given his understanding of the game and his love for Indy, do you think Jim Irsay ever convinces Peyton to take a shot at coaching?”

Coaching probably isn't going to happen. However, a front office position like ownership, president or general manager is much more likely. That reportedly has been in the works for a bit, whenever Manning is ready.

Mark Crowder (Twitter, @marcrowd)

“Do you think we'll actually see our goal line back [Robert Turbin] in goal line situations this week?”

As long as the Colts aren’t getting killed by Arizona and keep it close, it should give Turbin more opportunities. Last week, their game plan likely got thrown out the window because of how bad they were losing. I would expect more looks for Turbin this week.