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Colts Cast: Reacting to Colts 16-13 OT Loss to Cardinals

Chris Blystone joins Matt Danely to discuss another disappointing loss as the Colts begin 2017 0-2

We all thought the Indianapolis Colts had a lead that they could build on early in the fourth quarter, or at least hold onto, yet the Arizona Cardinals came back to add to the fanbase’s frustration.

Jacoby Brissett played a fairly good ball game, but some inconsistencies and indecisiveness played a major role in the offense stalling late in the Colts Week 2 matchup. The Colts receiver corps was also underwhelming, but there were plenty of reasons to be encouraged with what we saw Sunday from the Colts.

A handful of rookies played pretty well. Quincy Wilson, Malik Hooker and Nate Hairston put a solid effort together and made Carson Palmer work very hard for everything he completed through most of the game. The Colts rushing attack was pretty bleak, however, the team’s ability to stop the run has improved greatly and thus far doesn’t resemble anything like we’ve seen in the past.

The Colts notably got more pressure on the passer, and were able to find some semblance of an offense throughout spells of the game to keep the home crowd in the game for their home opener.

In the end, silly penalties, some tired pass protectors and some bad luck contributed to the Colts starting their fourth-straight season at 0-2. Much more for your eardrums as Chris Blystone joins me to go through the ups and downs that are the Indianapolis Colts.

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