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Robert Mathis Named Pass Rush Consultant

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts have made official something that we noticed early on in the offseason. Robert Mathis has been assigned the title of Pass Rush Consultant. No one could argue against their need for one. In recent memory, the pass rush has been all but non-existent.

While there have been big gaps in talent, one of the areas Mathis can really help is to pull young guys like Tarell Basham under his wing and really work on developing some second moves to help shed blockers. Basham has shown some talent, but relies too much on power and doesn’t have any ability to rip or swim through blocks on his way to the quarterback. Perhaps Mathis can even get someone up to speed on his classic spin move.

What better way to harness that than to employ a guy who is 17th all-time in sacks with 123, and the all-time leader in forced fumbles with 54? Hopefully, Mathis can help to get the most out of the talent the Colts have and get them causing more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. With a young secondary who are bound to struggle from time to time, the defenses’ effectiveness depends on it them making at least some measurable progress in their pass rush.

Here’s hoping that Mathis can do what he has always done, succeed.