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Colts Remain Static in Power Rankings

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a change at quarterback and a much better team effort against, what most consider to be, a formidable opponent the Colts are stuck near the bottom of virtually every power ranking after week 2.’s Elliot Harrison ranks the Colts 31st, up one spot from last week.

The Colts responded with a lot more punch this past Sunday against the Cardinals than they showed in Week 1, but it was not enough. Without question, Jacoby Brissett gives Indy a better chance to win than Scott Tolzien, yet the offense suffered through a handful of Brissett's growing pains in the late stages. Whether it was holding the ball too long on a Chandler Jones sack or the late throw that allowed Tyrann Mathieu to undercut the route in overtime, it's clear Brissett is learning as he goes. This ain't the New England team that shut out the Texans on "Thursday Night Football" with Brissett at QB in his first career start last season. Still, these Colts showed they are a vastly better squad than the outfit that showed up (sort of) in the opener.

ESPN has them 30th, up from one spot last week.

Jacoby Brissett joined the Colts on Sept. 2 and seemed like a vast improvement over Scott Tolzien despite losing in Week 2. The good news is if Brissett can win one or two games, Andrew Luck could be healthy in time to face the entire AFC South slate. With no one currently better than 1-1, the division is very much up for grabs.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has the Colts at 30th, same as last week.

They competed against the Cardinals, which is an improvement. Andrew Luck is sorely missed.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio ranks the Colts 32nd, same as last week.

“Taking the Cardinals to overtime” may be the only banner fodder they have this year; “home ‘dogs against the Browns” definitely won’t make the cut.

Shutdown Corner’s Frank Schwab ranks the Colts 31st, same as last week.

The fact that the Colts have ruled out Andrew Luck on Monday every week so far this season tells me he won’t be back anytime soon. If there was even a tiny chance of him playing, they’d keep that door open all week, if for no other reason than to keep the opponent guessing. He’s at a zero percent chance to play now. It’ll take a while until Luck is at 100 percent ready.

The consensus appears to be “close, but no cigar” for the Colts in week 2. The Colts were more competitive but they are not a good team at the moment. They have too many injuries to too many important players for any of us to be surprised by what we’re seeing on the field right now. However, injuries create opportunities and several players might be earning themselves a permanent spot on the roster with their play. The Cardinals were faced with some injury issues of their own and were not at full strength but there are still several positives to take away from Sunday:

  • Brissett is objectively better than Tolzien but limited practice certainly played a role in his overall effectiveness this past Sunday. Hopefully, another week of practice will help to develop chemistry with the wide receivers.
  • Frank Gore looked fast. He appeared to have a burst I didn’t see last season.
  • Jack Doyle once again showed why he is a fan favorite (8 receptions/8 targets).
  • The offensive line played better than anyone could have anticipated.
  • The young defensive backs showed some play-making ability, grit and awareness.
  • The defense, in general, was stout against the run again.

Those are all reasons to be optimistic about what this Colts team could do if some key players get healthy. Want some more good news? It doesn’t seem like there is a team in the AFC South that is going to run away with the division. After week 3 the Colts could be tied for 1st place. Tread water, get healthy and see what happens. I think a healthy Colts team should be somewhere in the middle of the pack of most power rankings...not the bottom 10 percent. Only time will tell.