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Colts Injury Update: Luck Will Not Practice This Week

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Another week and still no Andrew Luck. The Colts announced today that Luck will not practice with the team yet again this week, adding to the question about just how long it will be until we see him. It has been universally agreed that once Luck is cleared to practice he will need at minimum a couple weeks of practice in order to be ready to go for an actual game. In fact, general manager Chris Ballard has said as much.

That almost certainly puts him out against the Seahawks and probably even the 49ers in a best-case scenario kind of situation. Many Colts fans might actually view that as a relief, as no one really wants to see Luck go up against the Seahawks defense in his first game back. However, the uncertainty about his future and when he will be back on the field continues to be a point of frustration for the fan base.

Through two games, the Colts have not looked good. Their offense has been largely devoid of any real spark, and without Luck for the coming weeks that is unlikely to change.

In an interview on Monday, Chuck Pagano stated that he had no doubt that Luck would play this season. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but it is becoming clear that this team without Luck is not going to see much success. More than anything, Colts fans want, and deserve some answers. We want to see our franchise quarterback throwing, or at least get a general idea of why he is not doing so. It looks like we won’t get that for another week at least.