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Colts Cast: Keys to Colts Week 3 Victory and Beyond

Finishing out the week, I needed to discuss a few things that I feel the Indianapolis Colts coaching staff haven’t yet been willing to do. Are they using the key players at some key positions in their best and most productive roles? I don’t think so, but maybe that changes with time.

I also run through what I see to be the Colts’ keys to winning in Week 3, as well as taking the stick to their schedule over the next several weeks and how it could set up the team for when Andrew Luck returns.

Naturally, we have a game to get ready for. I go through some of the weaknesses that have presented themselves in this short span of the season thus far. The Cleveland Browns are coming into Week 3 with some key injuries, a rookie quarterback and a defense that the Colts may be able to exploit given that they attack it correctly.

It’s time to unleash the pass rush, get creative in coverages and find a way to create opportunities for the Colts playmakers on both sides of the ball. I explain more in this week’s final show.

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